About iStay - Serenity Villa

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, a numbered few guest houses offer the straight-out-of-a-dream experience that Serenity Villa offers. But that’s not where the experience ends. The luxurious set up isn’t good enough, if the services offered do not match up. And that’s where we decided to get ahead of all the others in the area.

Specially designed to suit the interests and requirements of corporate employees, the Serenity Villa offers modern amenities that a great corporate guest house should. 24-7 WiFi facility, a conference room, recreational gaming area & a mini gym, you name it, we’ve tried to create a comfy and lavish ambience for you.

One thing that such places miss out on is to combine the posh set up, yet not lose the home-vibe. That’s where we decided to offer home-cooked meals to our guests, and that’s what has been working in our favor a lot.

It took years of intricate planning and exhaustive research for the owner Ashwani Kumar, to build the guest house single handedly. One visit to this beautifully serene and lavish villa, and you’ll greet him, “Well, that’s a job well done!”